Virtual Ryosokuin


JavaScript / GLSL / Infrastructure / Blender




Virtual Ryosokuin is a project that explores the multiple-dimensional purpose of the temple by pursuing communication within the temple beyond its physical location.

I am working on developing a virtual representation of Ryosokuin  in Kyoto, which will serve as a platform for online exhibitions.




I optimized and adjusted 3D models prepared by the designers, making them suitable for web platforms using CLI tools and Blender. While developing the visuals and the system, I figured out whether adjustments needed to be made to the 3D models themselves or to the system. Then I advanced the development by iteratively refining each part.



また、ローディング時に表示するAffter EffectsによるLoadingインジケーターとして、ロゴのアウトラインに沿うようなアニメーションを作成し、Webに実装した。

I explored and applied the best methods to enhance visuals by baking light maps using Blender and implementation of post-processing.

Additionally, to improve user experience, I designed a loading indicator with After Effects. This loading indicator features an animation that traces the outline of the logo, then I incorporated it into the web interface.



また、3D Modelデータに対するパフォーマンスを考慮したテクスチャの最適化や、品質を損ねないVideoデータの解像度の模索などを行いWebで使用するための調整を行った。


For specific pages like 'Top,' 'Hojo,' and 'Daishoin,' I adjusted camera movements to fit the requirements of each scene.

I also optimized the textures for the 3D models considering performance and sought the optimal video resolution that maintains its quality for web use.

As this project is intended for ongoing exhibitions, I approached data structuring and implementation with a long-term perspective.

本ProjectはTHINK AND SENSE所属時に業務として行い、現在も継続して開発を行っている。
This work was created as part of my duties when I was a member of  THINK AND SENSE, and development is still ongoing.

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