Smart House

Embedded system / Sensor

Python / Raspberry Pi / AWS




I created a smart mirror display by attaching a magic mirror film to the computer monitor, allowing it to serve both as a display and a mirror. In addition, I developed a system to monitor the indoor environment, displaying the gathered data on the smart mirror's dashboard.


ダッシュボード制御にはRaspberry Pi 3 Model B、センサーの制御にはRaspberry Pi 3 Model B+を導入した。

ダッシュボードの表示にはMagicMirror²を用い、AWS IoT Coreを介したMQTT通信をサポートするモジュールを開発した上でセンサーからのデータをリアルタイムでダッシュボードに表示した。


室内環境の取得には、CO2センサー(MH-Z19)を使用し、オフィススペースの二酸化炭素濃度の測定を行った。また、ECHONET Liteを用いてスマートメーターから使用中の電力消費量の測定も行った。



AWS IoT Core対応モジュール:

A Raspberry Pi 3 Model B was introduced for dashboard control and a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ for sensor control.

For dashboard displays, I incorporated MagicMirror² and developed a module that supports MQTT communication through AWS IoT Core. This setup enables real-time display of sensor data. I also managed the ambient lighting around the display using LED strips.

To monitor the indoor environment, I used the MH-Z19 CO2 sensor to measure carbon dioxide levels in the office space. Furthermore, I employed ECHONET Lite to measure real-time power consumption from a smart meter. Notably, the CO2 sensor played a significant role in enhancing the work environment by sending notifications to a messenger application whenever CO2 levels exceeded the set threshold.

I automated the startup processes for both sensor data retrieval and dashboard initiation using Systemd. This eliminated startup redundancy and made it possible to operate the system without depending on any particular individual.

AWS IoT Core Supported Module: