Japanese House DIY




Together with a friend, I renovated and refurbished a single-story house located in Suwa, Nagano. In Japan, rental agreements typically prohibit tenants from making even minor modifications like drilling holes in walls. Against this backdrop, we transformed this former teacher's residence—sometimes tearing down parts of it, and at other times, covering and enhancing it with new materials.

We scanned rooms before renovation.



Considering the function of each room, we selected and updated the materials for the floor, the ceiling and walls based on their appearance and texture. In consultation with an architect, we also removed portions of walls to enhance the sense of openness while ensuring the structure remained earthquake-resistant.


In this project, by personally making modifications to the living space and residing in a constantly evolving house, I was able to experience the transformation of a space from merely a place for eating and sleeping to an indispensable architectural element of life.